Reading Strategies

  • The following are strategies being taught  to assist in reaching the  standards in ELA.  Students should become familiar with these strategies and apply them when encountering difficult or rigorous texts.


    Things Close Readers Do:

    • Read small chunks of text slowly and think about the gist.
    • Reread each passage one sentence at a time.
    • Underline things that you understand or know about.
    • Circle or underline words that you do not know.
    • State the gist or message of the paragraph in the margin.
    • Go back to the text in order to find answers to questions.





    The Ways We Make Meaning From New Words:


    • Reading on in the text and infer the meaning.
    • Look in the glossary.
    • Look for a text feature that defines the word.
    • Look in the dictionary.
    • Think about parts of the word that you know.


    Finding Meaning in a Difficult Text:

    Find these elements within the text to help your focus.


    (character, characters, or people)

    Determine who is the text focused on




    Where are the events taking place?











    Criteria for Writing Quality Paragraphs


    • The paragraph should be indented.
    • Writing should include a topic sentence that states the main idea.
    • Writing should have at least three sentences that tell more about the main idea.
    • Paragraph should conclude with a sentence that explains why the topic matters.