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    Classroom Rules

    On the first day of school I establish some very basic but important rules. After these rules are discussed with the students, they are asked to sign their names to them to indicate that they understand and accept them. The class rules will be posted in the classroom where the students can be reminded of them each day. I have posted the rules on this page for you to review them with your child.

    4K Classroom Rules and Responsibilities


    Be Respectful

    • Always treat others the way you would like to be treated.
    • Everyone has something to contribute to our learning and all ideas should be treated with appreciation.
    • Treat property that does not belong to you with as much care as you would treat your own.
    • Good manners are always welcomed!

    Be Responsible

    • You have the power to succeed in all you do.It is your responsibility to complete your work, study hard, and listen when lessons and directions are given.
    • You represent this classroom, your friends and your family.It is your responsibility to make the best impression you can, because whatever you do reflects upon you as well as others in your life.
    • Do your absolute best!

    Be Kind

    • Try to make someone else's day easier by smiling, saying hello, or giving a compliment.
    • Name calling and making others feel bad will only make it harder for our team to succeed.
    • Bullies always lose, and there are only winners in 4K.

    Be Prepared

    • Always come to school ready to learn.Bring your pencils, notebooks, textbooks, and anything else you need to get you through the day.
    • Homework is great practice.You should do your homework when it is assigned so that you are caught up with the rest of the class.

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    Homework Policy


    Homework is essential at times to practice skills and concepts that are learned in school. If a student fails to complete any assignment during a given week I will usually give students until the day after the original due date to complete any missed assignment (unless stated otherwise). Failure to turn in the work by the new due date may result in having the student complete the assignment during lunch detention. Homework policy is subject to change.


    I will gladly discuss with you any concerns you may have about your child's progress throughout the year. Thank you for your cooperation in helping me with these rules and policies.