Classroom Policies

  •                                                  Birthday Parties                                                   

    Children are excited to share and celebrate their birthdays in school with their friends.  It is also refreshing for me to see them reveling in the adulation shown to them by their classmates as they stand front and center taking in a chorus of "Happy Birthday".  I appreciate having birthday celebrations in the classroom, however due to time constraints and curriculum requirements there are a few guidelines that need to be followed:

    1. If your child would like to have a birthday celebration in class please let me know about a week in advance. Most times I will schedule the celebration after lunch.

    2.Celebrations will be scheduled to last between 10-15 minutes.

    3.I ask that you please limit the birthday snacks to one food item (cupcakes, cookies, etc.) and 1 drink item (juice, water etc.). Please, I must insist on no ice cream, candy, or soda.

    4. Only one food item and one drink item is allowed, please do not hand out goodie bags, toys or party favors.

    Thank you very much for your cooperation on this matter.


                                                                  Scholastic Orders

    Consistent reading is key to learning. There is no greater instrument in developing intellect than words on the printed page.   Reading helps children develop ideas, make connections, learn new vocabulary, and understand how words can be used to advance thoughts and opinions. Each month I will give students a Scholastic catalog so that they may have another avenue to seek out reading material. I encourage you to order books from the catalog,  I must ask however that along with your order form please send in a check for the amount ordered, do not send cash. There is also an online ordering option using the class code which will be given out.  It is not required that you order books from Scholastic, another budget friendly alternative is the public library. 



    Toys, games or other like distractions are prohibited in the classroom.  Fourth grade is a very rigorous year and anything that distracts the attention of the students from the tasks at hand will only serve to hinder the students' success.  If students wish to bring in items to play with during recess, they must be kept out of sight in their book bags until recess time.  If these guidelines are not followed and students are caught with toys in the classroom the toys will be confiscated and returned only by requests from the parents.  Thank you for your help in enforcing this very important classroom policy.