4K Classes


    Social Studies

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    Social studies can be an interesting and exciting class. It is a subject that allows students to practice all of the other curricula. When we learn social studies, we learn skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and science. In 4th grade, social studies will place much of its focus on the history of New York State. In my social studies class, the students will learn the integral part New York State has played in the building of our nation including colonization, the Revolutionary War, the founding documents of our country, the growth of the United States economy, and many other fascinating subjects.

    Click here to view the recently adopted New York State's Social Studies Framework. 



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    In writing class students will learn, practice, and apply the steps in the writing process, writing mechanics, and grammar.  They will do this in a structured "Writing Workshop".  In the Writing Workshop, students are given clear and comprehensive goals.  Some of these goals are: 


    • Live like a writer by paying closer attention to the world through observing,  questioning, and having opinions.
    • Reflect on the writing process and set goals.
    • Learn to write with clear intentions and purpose.
    • Become familiar with various types of writing.
    • Develop an understanding of the purpose of revision and learn to edit work.

    Some of the writing projects that will be covered this year are personal narratives, written responses to literature, descriptive writing, informative writing, writing for instruction, persuasive writing, poetry, and various creative essays.

    Click on District Writing Rubric for an overview of the basic criteria students will be meeting in writing class. 


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    Proper reading skills are essential for an individual's success.  Reading skills are not only required to make it through school, they are also necessary for a successful life.  In reading class students are instructed in the use of various strategies and skills to help them understand and appreciate literature.  During the course of the school year students will be using stories and several novels to practice strategies such as summarizing, prediction, inferencing, and monitoring.
    Throughout the school year students will be required to discuss and express their thoughts and opinions of characters, plots, and connections they make as they read.  The goal of reading class in fourth grade is to not only give students the tools they need to understand literature and informational text, but to also instill an appreciation for it that will grow as they mature.







    Students will thoroughly enjoy science this year.  They will learn the skills to carefully observe and make hypotheses.  Through experimentation students will collect data and draw informed conclusions. Our course of study in fourth grade includes, among a few other fascinating topics, matter and its properties, Earth's systems and processes that shape the Earth,  forms of energy, electricity, magnets, waves and information, and the exploration of the world of living things. This hands on subject will incorporate STEM projects that will excite students and help build a solid background in scientific investigation. Click on the link to see New York State's New Generation Science Standards: (Be patient the PDF takes awhile to load) Science Standards 






    Math class in fourth grade has students continue their learning of numbers.  It will also promote the idea  that mathematics is an important part of their lives.  We begin the year with lessons on place value using familiar units such as hundreds and thousands, then building their understanding of millions through emphasizing patterns of tens. Students will move through the year learning unit conversions, multi digit multiplication and division, fractions, and decimals.  There is a big focus on word problems and multi step problem solving using real world situations. It is extremely important that students are fluent in addition, subtraction and multiplication so as not to fall behind struggling with these foundational skills.  The skills students will learn this year rely on students being able to add, subtract, and multiply fairly quickly.