Kickin' Links

  • American Heart Association
    Learn more about our school's fundraiser.
    Great information about preventing heart disease and how to live a more healthy life.
    Basketball for Kids
    Cybear offers this fast-loading site about the fundamentals of the game, the skills players need, and the equipment they use. It also includes a glossary of terms for students not acquainted with the language of the game. This site is heavily text-based with lots of
    links to other fitness-related topics and is appropriate for
    students in upper elementary school and above.
    Basketball Hall of Fame
    This is the official Web site of the Basketball Hall of Fame. It
    provides the searchable Hall of Famers, Hall News, and a good
    History section. Click to Educations to see ordering instructions
    for a free copy of the cross-curricular activity packet Full Court
    Press for teachers of grades 4 through 8. Streaming audio and
    video for interactivity, polls and a daily trivia game, and some
    good features make Hoophall well worth a visit.
    Basketball Thinkquest
    This ThinkQuest entry shares basketball from a number of different points of view for kids. The site includes a History as well as information about basic skills and rules. Students will probably
    enjoy the Trivia quiz. The interactive quiz tests - and broadens -- students' knowledge. Written for elementary students, this
     page is ideal for kids in third grade or higher who want to learn
    Basketball Tips and Training
    My presents this online clinic on basketball skills. The
    site covers ball handling, passing, shooting, rebounding, defense,
     and more. Each segment includes an explanation of skills and drills recommended for student practice. Advanced features include game basics, game strategies, and Lingo, a glossary of basketball jargon! Text-based with quick-loading graphics, this site is appropriate for
    kids in upper elementary grades and older.
    CSPI Kid Stuff-CHOW Club
    Nutritional information, eating tips, recipes, and much more for kids and parents.
    Online games, health word glossary, learning about your body, and much more for kids to explore.
    Nickelodeon 2Ball
    Nickelodeon's Gas offers this high-tech interactive look at a new basketball phenomenon sweeping the country -- 2ball! Two players
     try to score as many points as they can in 60 seconds from six different positions around the court. The page includes a streaming video explanation of how the game is played and a nicely
    diagrammed format of the court used for this popular game.
    President's Challenge
    A source for standards and official rules to the physical fitness test.
    Great site for the entire family to log weekly activities.
    President's Challenge in PDF
    Presents information in PDF form of the official rules for our fitness
    test, as well as national standards used in comparing fitness levels.
    USA Basketball
    USA Basketball is the national governing body for men's and
    women's basketball in the United States. The Web site provides information about the Men's and Women's programs, a calendar upcoming events, and news. The Rules section compares
     international, NBA, and (men's) NCAA rules in a table format,
    and History covers the Olympics, Goodwill Games, and World Championships.