ELA Skills

  • Welcome to First Grade Reading!

    Students are currently working with both fiction and non-fiction resources in order to meet the new Common Core reading standards. 

    While using a variety of resources, we will practice our reading strategies through listening, speaking and reading.  We will learn to: 

    *  Summarize

    * Make predictions 

    *  Visualize text 

    *  Identify main idea

    *  Identify details

    *  Make inferences

    *  Use context clues

    *  Identify cause and effect

    *  Learn new vocabulary relevant to their reading

    Identify character traits

    *  Make self-to-text, self-to-self, and self-to-world connections

    *Additionally, throughout the year, students will be working on learning, practicing and strengthening their grammatical and phonetic skills through a variety of hands on lessons and activities*