Supply List

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    2 colored folders with pockets

    2 marble composition notebooks - thread down the middle

    *4 packages of pencils sharpened

    *3 packs of glue sticks (take out of packaging)

    1 box of crayons

    1 pack of erasers

    1 pair of scissors (take out of packaging)

    1 pencil sharpener (take out of packaging)

    1 pack of highlighters (take out of packaging)

    1 1-inch binder

    1 art smock

    1 pencil case

    1 box of sharpened colored pencils

    8 black dry erase markers (take out of packaging)                                           

    5 (or more) packs of 3X3 sticky/post-it notes (We use a lot of these!)

    1 set of headphones (for class Chromebooks)

    1 clipboard


    1 box of magic markers - washable



    1 package of baby wipes