My Homework


    Our Homework Guidelines


    The education of your child is truly a partnership between home and school. Homework is an important part of this partnership and the educational process. Designed as an extension of the work that is done in the classroom, it serves as additional practice for students. The following guidelines should help you understand my expectations for your child’s homework:


    How does homework help children?

    • Supports the learning that takes place in the classroom

    • Develops good study habits

    • Helps children master organizational skills (being prepared for school each day   with necessary supplies, lunch money, etc.)

    • Establishes a sense of responsibility for children as learners


    What can I expect my child to bring home?

    • Practicing basic skills like addition and subtraction

    • Independent reading that can be done quietly by the student or together with an adult

    • Practicing activities to support the learning that has taken place in the classroom

    • Completing larger, long-term projects like book reports and social studies projects


    When will my child bring home homework?

    • Math will be sent home daily following the class lesson.

    • Independent reading practice will be assigned and encouraged each night.

    • Spelling, Science, and/or Social Studies homework assignments will be sent home weekly, depending upon the content learned in class that day.

    -     Class projects will have assigned due dates.


    Every child has a Student Assignment Planner to record homework assignments in each day throughout the school year.  Please take a moment to look over your child’s planner and assignments every day and then sign your signature at the bottom of the Assignment Planner page to acknowledge that you have checked your child’s homework.


    Thank You!