Homework Guidelines

  • CES homework guidelines have been developed to better support students and families' understanding of the intention and expectations of homework assigned at CES.

    Homework is intended to be completed independently. It is simply an instrument to determine student understanding and reinforce content taught in class. Homework is not intended to be a source of frustration at home, and if your child is struggling with their homework, please reach out to the classroom teacher.

    Amount of time expected per night for homework by grade level:
    K- 10 min or less
    1- 10 min or less
    2- 20 min or less
    3- 30 min or less
    4- 40 min or less
    5- 50 min or less

    There is an expectation that students are also reading every night. In an effort to establish reading habits that promote the love of literature, students should read or be read to regularly. Growing readers often select books based on interest and/or intent. Daily practice of the skills they have learned will support more fluent and proficient readers.

    Amount of time expected per night for reading by grade level:
    PreK/K- 10 min
    1- 10 min
    2- 20 min
    3- 20 min
    4- 30 min
    5- 30 min

    We are looking forward to a successful 2023-2024 school year.

    Mary Kate Boesch and the CES Advisory Team