Grading Policies

  • Quarter grades are determined as follows:

    Exams:       70%   

    Laboratory: 15%                         

    Homework:  10%   

    Class Participation: 5% 


    Homework and Labs are individually graded as follows:

    (5) Outstanding - The student has exceeded the demands of the task. Work contains additional, unexpected or outstanding features.

    (4) Good Work - meets all requirements of the assignment, shows reasonable care and effort but offers no extension.

    (3) Fair Work - lowest range of acceptability; some deficiencies; not all aspects of the task have been fulfilled; brief and sketchy; appears rushed or marginal in effort.

    (2) Unsatisfactory - important aspects of the task are neglected or unfinished; appears rushed or careless; overall impression is poor.

    (1) Unacceptable

    (0.5) Work was copied or given to someone else to copy (I will not investigate who did the original work - either way, it is dishonest).

    (0) Work not turned in

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