• Classwork

    In order to fully experience this class and to be successful, you must come to class prepared.

    The nature of this class requires that each student participate in class discussion.  It is expected, therefore, that you will participate actively in class and attempt to answer questions posed (not necessarily correctly). 

    Class participation and behavior is a factor in determining your grade. 

    Each quarter a student earns a classroom participation grade as follows:

    (5) Outstanding - participates at every opportunity. Offers thoughtful responses to questions.  Exhibits proper classroom behavior.

    (4) Very good - participates often in class discussion.  Exhibits proper classroom behavior.

    (3) Good - occasionally participates in class discussions. Answers correctly when called on.  Usually exhibits proper classroom behavior.

    (2) Fair - rarely participates in class discussions. Occasionally answers correctly when called on.  Requires consistent reminders as to classroom rules and procedures.

    (1) Poor - rarely participates in class discussions.  Is inattentive in class.  Disruptive in the classroom.

    (0) Unacceptable - a disruptive influence during class.  Impedes the learning of others.  Excessively late or absent.


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