Organization Tips for Students

  • Homework & studying tips

    -Get into a habit of keeping to-do lists and posting assignments/reminders around your room or house.

    Organize homework assignments
    -before beginning homework, number assignments in the order in which they should be done.
    -start with one that is not too long or difficult, but avoid saving the longest or hardest assignment for last.

    Designate a study space
    -you should study in the same place every night.
    -it should be a quiet place with few distractions.
    -keep all supplies and books nearby.

    Set a designated study time
    -use the same time daily to do homework and studying.
    -try to avoid doing homework immediately after school. It is good to use some time to unwind. However, this may work best for some.

    Keeping organized notebooks
    -organize papers in a binder or notebook.
    -use dividers to separate class notes, or color-code notebooks.

    Conduct a weekly cleanup
    -go through materials weekly to get rid of old papers and extras.

    Create a household schedule
    -try to establish and stick to a regular dinnertime and bedtime.

    Keep a master calendar
    -include family activities, projects, tests and other activities.

    Prepare for the day ahead
    -before you go to bed (book bag card)

    Organizing Your Time
    -Tips for Minimizing Interruptions-
    *Ask if it can wait.
    *Pick the right time to study.
    *Gather snacks and supplies in advance to avoid interrupting yourself once started.
    *Work in a library.
    *Keep your planner handy.
    *Surf the internet incognito.
    *Let your parents or answering machine answer phone calls.
    *Don’t panic if something out of the ordinary comes up.