Lisa Edwards - English Grades 9 & 11

  • Lisa Edwards

      English 9

    English 9 Honors 

    English 12






    Class Materials – these must be brought to class everyday

    - chromebook 

    - 1 multiple subject notebook/or binder

    - 1 folder for handouts and homework

    - pens, pencils, a highlighter

    - novel 



    Tests – 25 %                                                               

    Writing Projects – 25%

    Class work (including quizzes and notebook checks) – 25%            

    Class Participation – 15%

    Homework – 10%



    Class Rules

    - Be on time – you will receive a detention if you arrive late without a pass.


    - Be prepared and ready to work – when the bell rings, you should be in your seat, copying your learning objective and starting to work on the “do now”. Failure to follow procedure will result in loss of points.


    - Treat your peers and myself with courtesy and respect.

    - No one leaves the classroom during class time unless there is an emergency.



    - When you are absent it is your responsibility to make up the work you missed. You can speak to a classmate, or to me. You can email me. 

    - If you are absent for a test, you have 2 days to make it up once you return to school. After those 2 days, if you fail to make up the test, your test grade will be a 0.

    - If your absence is the result of an emergency, or a death in the family, please let me know and we will work out a fair and reasonable timeline for making up work.


    Extra help

    I stay after school for extra help by appointment. I ask that students come prepared with a topic, question, or lesson that he or she needs to review. I encourage students not to wait too long to ask for help when it is needed! : )


    Contact Information

    My email address:




    - I do accept homework via email. However, you must copy and paste the text of the assignment into the body of the email; do not just send an attachment! If I am unable to open the attachment and the work is not cut and pasted into the body of the email, you will not receive credit for the assignment. Work is due at the beginning of the class period, anything turned in/emailed/shared after that will not be accepted.

    - I do not accept late work. 



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