Contact Information

  • Administrative Offices
    District Office
    Phone: 845-469-5052 
    Fax: 845-469-2377
    Catherine O'Hara Superintendent of Schools - Click to email
    Lindsay Iannuzzi Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent - Click to email  

    Business Office
    Phone: 845-469-9184            
    Fax: 845-469-2377
    Erin Brennan Business Official - Click to email 
    Dennis Lepre Tax Collector - Click to email
    Karen Bower Payroll Clerk - Click to email
    Donna Powles Accounts Payable - Click to email

    CUFSD District Departments
    Phone: 845-469-2231             
    Fax: 845-469-2231
    Rachel Loftus Assistant Superintendent, Pupil Personnel Services & Human Resources - Click to email 
    Donna Hart Secretary - Click to email  
    Dayanara Garcia Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Communication - Click to email
    Matthew DeRosa Director of Facilities - Click to email
    Edward Spence
     Director of Technology & Data Management - Click to email

    Chester Academy
    Click here to locate Chester Academy on Google Maps  
    Phone: 845-469-2231               
    Fax: 845-469-5831

    John Flanagan Academy Principal - Click to email  
    Rolando Aguilar Academy Assistant Principal - Click to email 
    Cathy Battiato Secretary to the Principal - Click to email 
    Gina Straub Academy Nurse - Click to email Fax: 845-469-6634

    Phone: 845-469-2231 
    Fax: 845-469-5831
    Michael Doucette Director of Physical Education and Athletics - Click to email   

    Phone: 845-469-2231 
    Fax 845-469-3606

    Yvonne Sternemann High School Counselor - Click to email 
    Jennifer Cuomo Middle School Counselor - Click to email 
    Jennifer Burretto Guidance Counselor - Click to email 
    Jennine McKenzie Guidance Counselor - Click to email 
    DeSantis, Jennifer  Guidance Assistant - Click to email 

    Chester Elementary School
    Phone: 845-469-2178             
    Fax: 845-469-2794

    Mary Kate Boesch Chester Elementary School Principal - Click to email 
    Jessica Alvarez Secretary to the Principal - Click to email 
    Denise Rydell Elementary School Nurse - Click to email Fax: 1-845-469-2170 
    Emma McKay Psychologist - Click to email 

    Student Bus Company  845-307-7800