Mrs. Brophy's Home Page - Math rules!

  • Math 7 - 10 Overview 
    *Homework is given out 2-4 times each week
    -- posted on SmartBoard and planner initialed or checked each day  
    -- some assignments posted through
    -- weekly packet for Math Labs each week
    -- 30% tests/quizzes
    -- 30% graded work (late work will have 10 points deducted from the score
    -- 30% effort (Hmwk 10% and Do Nows 20% - no make-ups)
    -- 10% on time/prepared

    (** All tests, quizzes, and graded assignments may be corrected or
    redone for a better grade

    -- Tests will be announced as far in advance as possible
    -- Quizzes may be announced or unannounced
    -- Students should expect a test or quiz each week
    -- below 65 = may correct for 65 and may retake
            65 - 80 = may correct for +10 pts and may retake
            81 and above = may correct for +5 pts and may retake

    *Monthly Incentive (OPTIONAL WORK)
    -- Each month a bonus assignment will be offered.
    -- It is on
    -- an incentive for completing it will be offered

    -- Calculators will be provided for use in the classroom only
    -- A basic calculator should be available at home for students to use on homework assignments

    *You are expected to treat each person in our class with respect. Arguing, teasing, bullying, gossiping, hitting, name calling, etc. are not productive and DO NOT belong in the classroom.

    * You are expected to: Come to class on time
    Participate in lessons and ask questions
    Study each night
    Do your best at all times
    Treat others as you would like to be treated                    

    * Positive Consequences
    -- good grades
    -- positive calls/ notes home
    -- in class rewards

    * Negative Consequences
    -- poorer grades
    -- calls home/ office referral
    -- removal from class