Capital Project and Maple Avenue Building Transfer Flyer

Flyer with information about Capital Project and Maple Avenue transfer

Strengthening School Safety: Capital Project

  • Safety and Security Measures Included in the Safety Capital Project Referendum

    Safety Capital Project Referendum will add measures to strengthen overall safety and security posture, mitigate risks, and ensure the well-being of students, staff and visitors.

    Total Cost for the Safety Capital Project $1,867,000
    The costs of the project and the related borrowing costs are eligible for New York State Building Aid at 67.7% (in 2024 budget proposal)

    * Based on the average home in Chester and current 2023 tax rates.

    If Bonded for 15 years at 3.5%:
    Annual Cost: $16.50
    Total over 15 Years: $248

    Project Work:

    Secure Visitor Screening at Elementary School and Academy Main Entrances
    Constructing transactional spaces for visitor screening at Chester Elementary School (CES) and Chester Academy (CA) to establish a dedicated entry point for enhanced
    visitor management and security screening procedures.

    CES Partitions and Doors Upgrades
    Expanding partitions and doors in Elementary School cluster areas to strengthen and secure zones and facilitate efficient emergency

    Digital Accessibility Classroom Doors
    Implementing digital accessibility for classroom doors to enhance security and streamline access control measures
    for staff and authorized personnel.

    Emergency AED Field/911 Dispatch Pedestals
    Placing emergency pedestals with AEDs and automatic 911 dispatch throughout exterior locations to provide immediate access to life-saving equipment and expedite emergency response efforts.

    Emergency Response and Control Center
    Emergency Response and Control Center to coordinate support operations during incidents, ensuring efficient management
    of resources and personnel.

    Announcement Speakers Enhancement
    Adding announcement speakers for enhanced communication to ensure effective dissemination of critical information and instructions throughout school premises.

    Interior and Exterior Lockdown Strobes
    Installing interior and exterior Lockdown Strobes to provide clear visual cues and prompt responses during emergency lockdown situations.

    Enhanced Security Glass Film
    Applying Attack-Resistant Film on designated areas for enhanced security to significantly impede unauthorized entry attempts and enhance overall facility security measures.

    Exterior Door Security System
    Integrating exterior door contacts with the security system to enable automated notifications via email and text alerts when doors remain open beyond predetermined thresholds, enhancing perimeter security.