Social Studies - Grade 7

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    Course Description

    This course is designed to give you a better understanding of the history, geography, government, and economics of our United States.  We will begin the year by examining the Native American cultures, which were pre-existent in the Americas to European exploration.  As a two year course, this year will examine all parts of American history up to the Civil War.  During your eighth grade year, you will complete the rest of America’s history, up until the present.  Throughout the year, students will receive necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in this course, using a variety of learning styles.  Maps, timelines, charts, graphs, and various reading and writing activities will give students a strong foundation in the development of their critical thinking skills.  This year will be extremely informative and exciting!

    Student Rule/Expectations

    -          Come to class prepared.  This includes all materials necessary to participate in classroom activities, as well as being mentally prepared.

    -          Show up to class on time.  Frequent tardiness will lead to detention and a call home.

    -          All assignments are to be completed on time.  Failure to do so will result in subtracted points for that assignment.  If a student is absent, it is that student’s responsibility to make up the assignment.  *On the front wall, near the door, I will place anything you miss or may owe due to an absence in a folder with the class period in which you are in.  Make sure to check these folders whenever you have missed a class.

    -          Follow the student Code of Conduct.  All school rules apply in the classroom.

    -          If you need extra help – ASK! – Students should feel free to come in for extra help or to discuss any difficulty they may be having in class.  Please see me after class or during the day to schedule individual arrangements.

    -          MOST IMPORTANTLY – Respect one another - When others are talking, LISTEN!!!

    Class Requirements

    • You must bring the following items to class EVERYDAY:

    ü  a pencil / pen (black or blue ink only)

    ü  a hard cover, 1.5 inch, three ring binder with lined paper

    ü  five subject dividers, for three ring binder

    ü  class work

    ü  homework

    ü  assignment journal / planners

    • textbook – The American Nation by Davidson and Stoff – To be kept at home – classroom copies are available during class and to be signed out during the day

    Classroom Instruction


    • Passes to lockers for any items will not be issued.
    • Save all of your notes and other written work – Notebooks may be checked and evaluated at the instructor’s discretion.
    • For all assignments, neatness counts!!!  Students may be asked to redo assignments if the quality is less than satisfactory.
    • Do Now– Each day there will be a Do Now assignment on the front board.  You are expected to begin following the directions of the Do Now each day as you enter the classroom and should be progressively working on the assignment as the bell rings.
    • Homework - Homework is given most days.  It is the student's responsibility to copy their homework, from the front board, into their planners each day. 
    • Participation – Everyone is expected to actively participate in class throughout the year. Such activities may include answering questions, reading class related passages, or even helping hand out class materials.
    • Plagiarism is prohibited.
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