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    Welcome Back!!

    Class Expectations
    Be in your seats and ready to work when the bell rings
    Be prepared
    Attend class regularly
    Respect yourself and others, and keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    Raise your hand and remember to you appropriate language when speaking




    Algebra Grading System



    Assessments – 40%

              There will be no retakes unless otherwise absent the day of the test.

    Chapter Outlines – 25%

              Outlines will be written for each assessment, and will always be due the day of the test, but maybe handed in early for evaluation.

    Castlelearning – 20%

              For each unit students will be assigned a Castlelearning Review assignment.  Students will be given time in class to start the assignment

    Homework – 10%

              Students will be required to watch the Emath video for each lesson and complete the notes for the next day and submit their completed notes on google classroom each night. At the end of the week students will receive a Homework grade based on completion of notes during the week.

    Check in Question – 5%

              Students may be given an exit ticket at the end of each lesson which will be completed and handed in before the leave the class.


    College Prep and Advanced College Prep Grading System



    Tests – 30%

           There will be no retakes unless otherwise absent the day of the test.

     Quizzes – 25%

           Maybe announced or unannounced.

     Homework – 10%

          Students can earn credit back if corrections are completed within 2 days of receiving the assignment back.

                       Late work will be accepted within 5 days of being absent as per

                        the student handbook. Missed work will be accepted with loss of credit within a 5 week  period.  Minimum amount of points lost – 10 pts.  Maximum amount of points lost – 50 pts. As per time period.

    Chapter Outlines – 15%

                       An outline will be written for each test, and will always be due

                       the day of the test, but maybe handed in early for evaluation.

              Check in Question / Participation – 5%

              Castlelearning – 15%

                       Class work maybe collected ever so often.  Castlelearning will be assigned for every chapter and will be graded accordingly as to timely completion


    In addition to regular interms and report cards I provide students with progress reports on the 4th and 9th week of every quarter.
    Please note that the mandated changes in curricula make it rather difficult to adhere to a specific schedule. Rather than constantly changing due dates, which is confusing to everyone, all work will be announced on googleclassroom. Please constantly check the Classroom.
    If there is any questions or concerns you can reach me at...
    469-2231 mailbox number 3587
    Email -