Chester Academy Physical Education


    Chester Academy

    Physical Education Guidelines

    Mrs. Fassetta-Ganz /Mr. Marsilio/Ehlers


                    The following information is important for students to understand so that they may successfully complete all physical education requirements. It is my goal, as a PE teacher to have each student become a   self-directed learner with a goal of lifelong fitness in a positive learning environment.  All students are expected to follow class and school rules. Please be reminded that physical education is mandated by the New York State Department of Education and requirements must be completed in order to receive a high school diploma. 




    Daily Participation & Preparation = 80%

    Tests & Homework = 20%

    1)      Effort                             4) Sportsmanship

    2)      Behavior                        5) Preparation

    3)      Attitude

    1)      Guidelines 5% (1st qtr)

    2)      Fitness Challenge Worksheets (5)-10%

    3)      Skills Tests 10%

    Fourth Quarter = Daily Prep. &Part. 70%,   Skill 5%,   FCW 5%,    Final Exam 20%

    Participation & Preparation Grading Rubric


    Each class a student earns a daily grade out of 10 points based on the following rubric:


    Description of Each Grade Level 


    1)      Student is properly prepared for class

    2)      Student is on time

    3)      Puts forth 100% effort at all times

    4)      Always exhibits sportsmanship

    a.       Is respectful to teacher, opponents & teammates

    b.      Acts appropriately, win or loss

    5)      Willing to help teacher and classmates when needed without being asked

    6)      Accepts the challenge of new activities

    7)      Displays the ability to be fair & unbiased as a referee

    8)      Listens attentively & follows directions the first time



    1)      Participates in all class activities, but sometimes is reluctant if it is a drill and not a game

    2)      Warm-up is completed as directed

    3)      Puts forth full effort almost all the time, but occasionally loses focus

    4)      Volunteers when help is asked for

    5)      Exhibits respect for the teacher & good sportsmanship most of the time

    6)      Recognizes the need for teamwork and contributes to the team effort

    7)      Follows directions well, but sometimes they need to be asked more than once



    1)      Reluctantly participates in all activities including warm-up activities

    2)      Puts forth a good effort, but takes breaks

    3)      Reluctant to help set-up or clean-up equipment

    4)      Difficulty exhibiting good sportsmanship

    a.       Argues, complains or insults teacher, referee, teammate or opponent

    5)      Functions within the team concept, but occasionally exhibits a selfish attitude

    6)      Follows directions, but must be given directions several times before they comply


    1)      Reluctant to participate in all of the class activities including warm-up

    2)      Low effort level

    a.       Talks with friends & distracted during class

    b.      Stands during activities & does not actively participate in activities

    c.       Does not participate in warm-up

    3)      Does not help with equipment set up or clean up

    4)      Exhibits poor sportsmanship

    a.       Complains about teammates

    b.      Insulting or trash talking

    c.       Arguing with referee

    5)      Does not work within the team concept

    6)      Does not follow directions



    1)      Refuses to participate in class activities

    2)      Misuses or breaks equipment

    3)      Displays poor sportsmanship & significantly disrupts class activities

    4)      Disrespects teacher or classmates

    5)      Makes class unsafe physically



    Loss of daily points: late to class 2pts,  food in class 2pts, cell phone 2pts


    Additional Information


    Make-ups:  Since PE is a state mandated requirement, it will be necessary to make up all missed classes within 5 school days.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up coursework they have missed.  Make-up assignments can be found on Castle Learning.  Students will be given 5 school days to make up classes if they were legally absent or excused from class.  Students will not be allowed to make-up any skipped classes. 


    Medical Excuses:  A one-day medical excuse from a parent/guardian will be accepted.  If a student is ill or injured, the student should go to the school nurse before class begins to obtain a PE exemption.  Any excuse for a longer period of time must come from a physician.  Students will use Castle Learning or ask for an alternative assignment to make up any classes from which they were medically excused.  Students medically excused from class for an extended period of time will be provided with a written project directly related to physical education. The assignments can be found on the Chester UFSD website under Physical Education.  Successful completion of this project will fulfill P.E. requirements for the duration of the illness/injury.


    Lockers and Restrooms:  The PE department will provide a combination lock for each student. It is the student’s responsibility to secure all personal items in a locked locker.  Locker #’s and combinations will be on file with the PE Department.  Students may not change lockers for any reason unless given permission to do so by their PE teacher.  All students will be given class time to remove locks and clean their lockers prior to the last day of instruction.  Students will be responsible to pay for lost locks.  Students will only have access to the locker room during the first and last five minutes of class. Please do not share you locker/combinations with any other students.  Due to the limited access to the locker room during class it is important that all students use a restroom before class begins.  During class time, students will be excused on an emergency basis to a restroom one at a time.


     Lost or Stolen Items:  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that personal items are secured in a locked locker prior to class.  Valuable items such as jewelry and cell phones should not be brought to class.  Book bags, books and notebooks should be secured in the locker room and are not permitted in the gymnasium.  Students should not share their locker combination with other students. The Physical Education department is not responsible for lost or stolen items from the locker room or gymnasium areas.  If a personal item is lost or stolen, the student should immediately report the missing item to the PE Department.


    Acrylic Nails:  The Physical Education staff highly recommends that students do not wear acrylic nails during physical activity.  Students who choose to wear acrylic nails during PE do so at their own risk.


    Proper Attire for PE:


    Students must have:

    1)      Rubber soled sneakers with laces

    2)      Sweat pants, wind pants or gym shorts

    3)      School appropriate T-shirt or Sweatshirt


    Students may not wear:

    1)      Shorts that are more than four inches above the knee

    2)      Clothes that expose undergarments

    3)      Sleepwear such as pajama pants or tops

    4)      Tank top undershirts

    5)      Any attire that violates the Chester Academy Dress Code

    6)      Any attire that the Physical Education staff feel is dangerous or a distraction to class.



    Unprepared Policy: It is important that students are prepared for class every day in order to be successful in class. Students that are unprepared will be allowed to participate in class activities if they have sneakers, but they will lose four points from their daily participation & preparation grade. If a student does not participate in class due to being unprepared, they will lose their daily points. Points lost for being unprepared cannot be made up.


    Weather Attire: Students are encouraged to have warm weather and cold weather clothing depending on the season. We will be going outside under appropriate weather conditions. Morning classes are encouraged to bring extra socks and sneakers.


    Safety Protocols: We will practice routines and procedures during instruction time.

    Lock Down/Lock-in, weather protocol, fire drills, etc.



    Jewelry: Students should remove all jewelry with exception of studded earrings sports watches at the discretion of the teacher. All jewelry should be placed in a locked locker.


    Cell Phone/Food Policy: Students are not permitted to have cell phones or food in the Physical Education Area. This area starts at the double doors entering the gym hallway. Cell phones should be secured in a locked locker. Any food and cell phones will be confiscated and sent to the office.


    Final Exam: There will be a final in May.  The final is worth 20% of your 4th quarter grade.

    The final will have 3 sections.  A written component and physical components (Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular endurance).  If a student does not complete one of the three sections, 1/3 of the final exam grade will be lost.  If a part of the final is not made up the best possible grade will be a 66 on the final.




    Discipline System:


    1st Offense = Warning

    2nd Offense = 5 Minute removal from class activity

    3rd Offense = Removal from class activity for the remainder of period, contact parent, detention and/or referral.



    Please Communicate Any Questions or Concerns to your PE Teacher