Project Adventure

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    I will be spending some time getting everything together but would appreciate any suggestions along the way. 

    Description: This course focuses on the student’s growth and development of skills needed for lifelong   fitness in a variety of activities in the classroom, fitness, health and outdoor recreational realm. This course will require students that are driven and willing to be open to alternative ways of discovering fitness goals. They will also learn information in preparation for outings.

    FormatThe class will be a combination of games, hands-on learning exercises, classroom   learning, teamwork activities and out-of school field trips. Students will be asked to arrive on time to both on classroom and out of classroom days. If you are required to change you will need to be on time and be prepared for each class situation. 

    Course Objectives: To prepare students with a variety of skills and knowledge they may not learn in an ordinary Physical Education class. Students will also learn to manage time and handle issues related to weather or access to facilities. They will also gain knowledge of things to prepare them for fitness on the lifelong basis.

    Attendance/Tardiness/Classroom Management: This is a hands-on and highly instructional course; therefore; your attendance and   preparation is key to passing the course. We only meet 2-3 times per week so time is limited. Students will also learn crucial information on classroom days that are important towards projects that will count towards their final grade.


                                        1st- Warning

                                        2nd- After school or lunch detention

                                        3rd- Call Home

                                        4th- Discipline Referral

                *Remember, this class is not a right, but a privilege. Students can be moved to a normal physical education class if need be.

    Students are expected to change and be prepared for physical activity unless otherwise    instructed. Classroom days, students will not be required to change but must be ready for       the day. Tardiness can be very disruptive and not accepted. (These policies can be found in the student handbook) Students can receive information about what may have been missed from the instructor or notes posted on Google Classroom.


                Students are asked to:

                            -Be present and on time

                            -Pay attention

                            -Speak you truth

                            -Be open to outcomes

                            -Create a safe environment for you and classmates

                            -Respect the equipment


                *Students will need sneakers to participate in activities unless otherwise told. (Some                            classes will be held in the classroom)

    *I will try to post trip information and other resources as we go*