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    Welcome to Fourth Grade Mr. Knight's Class!

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    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Fourth grade is an exciting and challenging time for your child. He or she will be learning the academic, organizational, and social skills that will help  him or her become a responsible and productive member of our community. This year there will be a great deal of emphasis on developing personal responsibility, self-reliance, confidence, and character, it is certainly a year that is unique to any grade they have had before.

    I am excited and honored to be taking part in helping your child reach their potential, and discover possibilities they haven't considered. This is a task however that I cannot do alone. Your  involvement in the learning and experiences of your child is indispensable to the degree of success he or she will achieve. I believe together we can give your child every opportunity to grow both intellectually and socially.

    My main goal is the success of your child. He or she will be aware of that on the first day of class and on every day thereafter. To help me achieve this goal I encourage you to contact me with any problems or concerns you may have. If you drop me a note, e-mail, or leave a voicemail I will gladly and promptly get back to you, and if necessary set up a meeting at a time when we will not be interrupted.

    I am looking forward to teaching your child and collaborating with you this year. I am always at your disposal so feel free to contact me at any time. My  contact information is at the bottom of this page. I know this will be a memorable, and successful year.


    Jeffrey Knight

    Room 214

    Contact: Elementary School 469-2178

    Voicemail: 2435