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    Welcome to Our Community!

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    Fifth Grade

    Room 238

    Telephone Number (845) 469 - 2178 (extension 2432)


    Class Information

    In our classroom, we are each a vital part of a bigger picture - a community in which we all have a common purpose - the outcome of which is to learn and grow together.


    They drew a circle

    That shut me out,

    Heretic, rebel,

    A thing to flout,

    But LOVE and I

    Had wit to win,

    We drew a circle

    That took them in.

    - Edwin Markham



    Fifth Grade School Supply List  

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          Materials for each content area subject should follow the color code below. 

    Math = blue: one 2 pocket folder, 1 1/2" three ring binder with loose leaf paper, black dry erase marker

    Science = green: one 2 pocket folder with prongs, two composition notebooks (any color)

    Writing Workshop = yellow: composition notebook, one 2 pocket folder

    ELA = red: one 1 ½” three ring binder with loose leaf paper, dividers, one 2 pocket folder

    Social Studies = purple: 2 pocket folder 


    General Supplies

    *pencils- not mechanical

    *1 package pencil top erasers

    *zippered pencil case (will travel with your child)

    *pen (any color but red)

    *4 highlighters

    *glue sticks


    *small box of crayons

    *small box of markers (not permanent) or colored pencils


    *post-it notes

    * 1 package of 3X5 index cards

    *an inexpensive set of headphones or ear buds

    *smock for art

    *combination lock for P.E. locker (no laser or key locks)


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    Our Schedule

    We have a full day in fifth grade.  Students switch classes throughout.  

    8:55-9:07   Specials

    9:50-11:00  ELA/SS with Ms. Q

    11:02-11:57 Science with Mrs. Keglovitz

    11:59-12:54 Math with Mrs. Daly

    12:55-1:35  Recess + Lunch

    1:40-2:35   Writing Workshop with Ms. Q

    2:35-3:00   Spelling/ELA with Ms. Q.

    2:40-3:00   Homeroom

    3:00-3:10    Prepare for Home



    Day A





    Day B



    Day C 



    Day D 






    Lunch is from 12:55-1:15-1:35     




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