2023-24 District Goals

  • District mission statement: Student Centered - Future Focused - Team DrivenThe Chester School District develops global leaders by providing students with learning opportunities that foster critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Students engage in authentic applications that support inquiry and innovation through partnerships with their community, local businesses, and higher education. 

  • The presentation of the District Goals and Objectives was presented at the Board of Education meeting September 27, 2023. The slide presentation (English) can be downloaded with this link.  

    Promote an environment that prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion, where every individual feels safe, valued, respected and empowered to achieve their highest potential.


    • Ensure law enforcement and risk management expertise are involved in all facets of safety & security protocols and procedures.
    • Advance emergency drills and specialized training for staff and students.
    • Continue to utilize building emergency response teams to review and expand emergency protocols.


    • Advance PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) and Choose Love initiatives at Chester Elementary School.
    • Enrich support systems within CES by introducing a dedicated specialist focused on School Culture and Student Behavioral Support.
    • Initiate the Advisory Model at Chester Academy, integrating identified skills and The 7 Mindsets program.
    • Continue the Safe School Ambassadors program at Chester Academy, empowering students to take an active role in supporting a safe and inclusive school community.
    • Expand opportunities for staff professional development, leadership, collaboration, input and support.


    • Expand programs and professional development focused on diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices.
    • Finalize the District Policy on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion reflective of the four key principles of the New York Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework.
    • Establish platforms for student, staff, and family input, enhancing initiatives in support of a welcoming and inclusive school environment.

    Provide innovative, data-supported and engaging learning experiences that foster college and career readiness through highly qualified staff who are student-centered, future-focused and team-driven.


    • Expand programs and professional development aligned to the NY Next Generation learning standards.
    • Integrate technology and multi-media resources to create interactive and innovative learning experiences.
    • Promote collaborative and engaging learning experiences for students and staff, fostering a culture of teamwork within and between Chester Elementary School and Chester Academy.
    • Continue to evaluate and enhance high school courses and programs.
    • Finalize course descriptions PK-12, progressing the vertical alignment of curriculum and instruction district-wide.


    • Provide professional development opportunities that integrate data analysis to support differentiated instruction and optimize student learning.
    • Initiate student goal setting and item analysis of the iReady Diagnostic Assessments in ELA and Mathematics K-8.
    • Initiate data analysis of student performance on NYS Assessments, Regents and grade level/course-specific assessments PK-12.
    • Expand the iReady Diagnostic and individualized learning support to identified ninth grade Math and ELA courses.


    • Establish professional learning teams in support of instructional programs and identified goals.
    • Enhance the new teacher orientation and mentoring program.
    • Continue to provide professional development for faculty and staff reflective of district goals and professional growth.

    Expand opportunities for meaningful community engagement, communication and partnerships that support real-world application in learning.


    • Expand informational workshops for parents and families reflective of current needs.
    • Provide opportunities for community input and engagement related to communication, facilities planning, and district initiatives.


    • Highlight student academic and extracurricular experiences by implementing a district-wide newsletter.
    • Expand communication avenues for families, inclusive of the district website and social media platforms.


    • Expand the workplace learning internship program and the newly initiated Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers program.
    • Continue to develop career connections to student learning through partnerships with families, businesses and higher education.

    Ensure the continual improvement and expansion of district facilities, promoting safety, security and student opportunity in the most efficient and economical manner possible.


    • Continue to evaluate district safety plans ensuring law enforcement and risk management expertise are involved in all facets of safety and security protocols.
    • Ensure all staff is trained in building safety procedures and protocols.
    • Evaluate and pursue options for the Maple Avenue School building and property.
    • Continue to upgrade the district computer network infrastructure to improve safety, security and efficiency.
    • Expand data privacy and cybersecurity efforts through training and improved security applications.


    • Develop a comprehensive plan for voter consideration on the expansion of athletic facilities and safety infrastructure.
    • Continue to advance facility improvements and the implementation of a district-wide energy efficiency plan.

    Create a fiscally responsible budget that effectively addresses the needs of the district while considering the concerns and input of the community.


    • Access federal and state “stimulus” funds to support district goals and programs.
    • Evaluate the usefulness of current programs and shifting demographics.
    • Evaluate financial implications of identified safety and facility improvements.
    • Continue to implement and expand shared services with neighboring districts.


    • Communicate the implications of the Property Tax Levy Cap.
    • Provide opportunities for community input and engagement related to the Maple Avenue School and future safety and facility improvements subject to voter approval.
    • Continue to use the district website, newsletters, and social media to disseminate budget information.