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    SAT and ACT Testing Dates
    If you plan to apply to a four year college next year, we recommend that you take either the SAT or ACT college entrance exam at least once in the Spring. The main difference between the exams is that the ACT exam has Science on it, the SAT exam does not. Listed below are the SAT/ACT exam dates and registration deadlines. You can see samples of the exams on their websites along with practice exams. Our Schools CEEB High School Code is 331360.
    If you are applying only to community college, SAT/ACT exams are not required.
    Register for SAT exam: www.collegeboard.org
    SAT Exam June 5, 2021; registration deadline 5/6/21
    SAT Exam August 28, 2021; registration deadline 7/30/21
    SAT Exam October 2, 2021; registration deadline 9/3/21
    SAT Exam November 6, 2021; registration deadline 10/8/21
    SAT Exam December 4, 2021; registration deadline 11/4/21
    SAT Exam March 12, 2022; registration deadline 2/11/22
    SAT Exam May 7, 2022; registration deadline 4/8/22
    SAT Exam June 4, 2022; registration deadline 5/5/22
    Register for ACT exam: www.act.org
    ACT Exam June 12, 2021; registration deadline 5/7/21
    Free Workshops on Planning & Paying for College
    This year CICU produced a series of six workshops for students & their parents/guardians to learn more about applying and paying for college. These free workshops are available to watch on demand at cicu.org/CAF2020Event. They were recorded as part of our annual College Access Fair, which was held virtually this year.
    We will not be offering the ASVAB exam at Chester Academy this year. If you are interested in joining the military, please call the recruiters office and schedule an exam with them. I have several practice booklets to help prepare you for this exam. If you are interested, stop by the Guidance Office and pick up a booklet.
    All Juniors please click on the Junior Year Calendar link below. This calendar will help give you a timeline of what you need to know for your Junior Year.

    Junior Year Calendar


    Please click on the link below to see a monthly calendar of timelines for the college admission process.

    Pre College Programs
    Many colleges are offering precollege programs over the summer. I will list what I receive below and please go to that colleges website for more information:
    PACE - July 12th - 23rd. In person classes
    NYU - July 5th - August 13th. Online classes
    College Events
    Due to the large amount of colleges that are hosting virtual tours and information sessions. Please go to the website of the colleges you are interested in and register for their virtual sessions. For a list of colleges that have contacted us, please go to the Virtual College Tours page or click here




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