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Welcome Back Chester Academy


We are so excited for the start of the school year.  I have provided some updates below:

First Day of School!

We are extremely excited to welcome back all Chester Academy students on September 1st!  We will be following a day 1 schedule.  Just a reminder that there will be no school for students on the following days in September:

September 6 – Labor Day

September 7 – Rosh Hashanah

September 16 – Yom Kippur

Parent Portal open for Academy schedules:

This morning you will be able to log into Parent Portal and view your child’s schedule.  We will not be sending a hard copy through the mail.  Please print out a copy of your schedule, have your child write it down, or take a picture of it with their phone.  Also, please note that you child’s schedule may not have a room number or teacher name next to their study hall as they are still being updated.  In the event this happens, you should check back again later in the week. 

Drop Off Procedure:

If you plan to drive your child to Chester Academy each morning, we will continue to follow the same drop off procedure from last year.  Students will be dropped off on the Middle School side of the building after circling around the entire rear parking lot. Please wait for a safety officer to signal for your child to get out of the car.  I will attach a link for a video that displays the drop off procedure as a refresher (the link will take you to the drop off video in the 6th Grade Orientation).

Student pick up at the end of the day will continue to be in the back parking lot. Please back into your spot while waiting for your child to be dismissed. 



There will be multiple areas for our students to eat lunch this school year.  The traditional option, the cafeteria, will once again have student desks instead of lunch tables to accommodate for social distancing.  Students will also have the option of stilling eating lunch locations that will be set up in the lobby, as well as the auditorium.  As always, on nice days, students will be permitted to go outside for lunch.



It is our intent to distribute lockers as the school year progresses.  Unfortunately, we will not be assigning lockers at this time as they do create issues with social distancing in the halls and are high touch surfaces that would need to be routinely wiped down throughout the day.  We look forward to the day when we can bring lockers back, hopefully in the near future.  At this time, students are permitted to use a backpack and should make sure they have their Chromebook with them every day.  


Mod Sports Start September 1:

If your child is interested in trying out for a modified sport, the start day is September 1.  Please contact Mr. Aguilar be email or phone if you have any questions!


COVID 19 Mitigation Strategies:

  • Choose to get vaccinated when eligible
  • Mandatory universal indoor mask use for all persons, regardless of vaccination status, including on school buses
  • Physical distancing of 3 feet, or more, whenever possible;
  • Screening testing to quickly identify suspected cases;
  • Improved ventilation;
  • Proper handwashing and respiratory etiquette;
  • Staying home when sick and getting tested;
  • Contact tracing in combination with isolation and quarantine;
  • Routine cleaning and disinfection