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Capital Reserve Referendum January 18th. CLICK HERE for more information.

The Chester Union Free School District will be holding a public referendum on whether to establish a Capital Reserve that can be used to reserve funds for future capital projects.  

It is not a vote on a capital project, but it does provide the District with a mechanism to set aside funds for future use to repair or improve District facilities.  

Future voter approved capital projects could include  (Covid related) improved air filtration, and maintenance and improvement projects. Our active school buildings are approximately 20 and 50 years old and have aging structures and equipment that will require ongoing repairs and replacement.  In addition, new mandates addressing environmental and sustainability concerns require an ongoing investment in our buildings and grounds. 

A capital reserve that can be funded up to $10 million over 10 years would provide a district funding source that would offset future tax increases for voter approved capital expenses for the next ten years.

It is important to once again note that any future capital projects will require separate voter approvals. 


Vote January 18, 2022

Location:  Chester Academy Band Room

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.


To view the Capital Reserve Referendum PowerPoint presentation: