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Digital Equity Survey

Please help us complete the State-required Digital Equity Survey! NYSED is requiring 100% submissions. We are still below 35% district-wide. If you have already completed thank you very much.
If you have not yet completed the NYS Digital Equity Survey, please take a few moments to do so. There are 8 simple questions, and should take less than a minute to complete for each child. The State is requiring 100% participation in this survey - and we need your help to do so!
NYSED is requiring that all K-12 parents complete a Digital Equity Survey for each student as soon as possible. We had created a Google Form in September but then later learned that the upload must be completed through SchoolTool. We imported the data in SchoolTool for parents who completed the Google Form.
For K-12 parents who have not already done so, please login to your SchoolTool Parent Portal account and follow the steps below to submit.
1.> Login to your SchoolTool Parent Portal account
2.> Click on your student's name
3.> Click on the User Defined tab
4.> Click the Green Plus Sign next to the Digital Access Survey
5.> Answer each question by selecting your answer from the dropdown choices
6.> When all questions have been answered, click save
7.> Repeat the process for each of your students.
Alternately, if you would prefer to complete the form via the Fall Google Form we created please use the link below. Thank you.