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Chester Union Free School District held its two-day Superintendent’s Conference

Chester Union Free School District held its two-day Superintendent’s Conference, welcoming new staff and returning staff to the 2023-2024 school year. The first day began with a breakfast followed by a presentation from the Superintendent, Catherine O’Hara, and other administration. 

The theme of the conference was “reigniting our why.”

“My why is to truly make an impact and a difference for students,” said Ms. O’Hara. “To bring the real-world application to their learning so that the students can answer the question ‘why are we learning this’ and one day when they choose a career or field they are able to confidently and excitedly say ‘I chose this career because’.”

Ms. O’Hara also discussed the district's growth within the last year, crediting the entire staff’s team-driven focus while also sharing how the district plans to continue to grow in the future. 

Board of Education President Sandy Nagler also shared words of encouragement to staff. 

“I just want to encourage all of you to remain vigilant about looking inside yourself, finding that passion, reigniting that passion, looking at what brought you into the career path you have been on because you have so much to offer,” said Ms. Nagler. “We are so grateful for all that you bring.” 

The conference proceeded with team and faculty meetings and workshops separated by department. 

“I could not be more appreciative to work with a more dedicated committed and excellent staff,” said Ms. O’Hara. 

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Chester Elementary School Principal speaking to staff.