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Internet Safety Warning


This is to inform you that there are presently widespread reports of a social media challenge using apps, some popular with children, to encourage them to harm themselves or others. Although we have not heard of any incidents of local children being involved, these reports are another reminder that parents need to monitor their children’s social media and app usage.

TheMomo Challenge” uses social media and video games such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Minecraft to encourage children to perform dangerous and potentially violent acts. (Please note that these websites/apps are not available on the school network.) If children refuse to do the “challenge” Momo threatens to share personal information about the child. The challenge has allegedly been linked to suicides in other countries.

Parents have been encouraged by law enforcement in several states to monitor their children’s social media use and we have been in touch with the New York State Police regarding this matter.

Below please find some helpful links which will help explain the challenge and provide advice to parents on how to discuss this with their child.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Thank you.

Mr. Edward A. Spence
K-12 Director of Instruction & Technology/Data Administration


Below are some web links which provide further information: