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Tax Bill Reprint - Town of Goshen


  Tax Bill Update – Town of Goshen

  We have received a large volume of calls regarding tax bills not being received in the homes. All of the calls have been from properties within the Town of Goshen.


As a precaution, I have asked Orange County to re-print the bills for the Town of Goshen parcels, in the Chester School District and delivered them directly to the Goshen Post Office for immediate distribution.


The new bills differ from the original in two ways: The “Receiver’s Stub” at the bottom is a pink color and the word “COPY” is printed across the top.


Payment can be made using the COPY or the original as no information has changed. Please DO NOT pay twice. If you’re in the Town of Goshen and received the original bill please disregard the COPY.


As always, tax bills can be printed and payments reviewed from our website


Erin Brennan, Business Official