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Please note the following regarding the restoration of our computer network resources:


Restoration of Services


The projected date of restoration of computer network resources for school faculty and staff continues to be December 4, 2019


New Information


Chrome Books will need to be “power washed” (reset by IT Team) before students can use them again.


Grades 8-12 – Chrome Books will be power washed at school. Students will be notified when this will be done. 


Grades K-7 – Classroom Chrome Book carts will be power washed beginning on December 4.  




Parent Portal and My School Bucks are still unavailable. These systems are maintained by an outside organization.  We hope to have these systems restored by December 16 or sooner. 


Progress Reports should be available on/about December 16th.  If Parent Portal is not restored at that time progress reports will be sent home via backpacks (K-5) or mail (6-12).


My School Bucks – During the suspension of computer service some students have accumulated balances that have been unseen by parents/guardians.  Once service resumes parents/guardians will be able to see their balances.  We are aware that some parents may not be prepared to clear / pay their balances immediately once service is resumed, so we can create payment schedules with parents/guardians for unpaid balances upon request.  Please call your school if you would like to set-up a payment schedule for your My School Bucks account. 


Health, safety and operations systems continue to function normally.


There continues to be no evidence of the compromising of any personal or financial data.




Computer Network Information:  Please understand that for safety, security, and data privacy reasons we are unable to disclose specific information about our computer network. 

Thank you for your continued understanding, cooperation and support.


Best Wishes for Happy Thanksgiving!