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May 1 Update: School Closed for Remainder of School Year


May 1 Update

Dear Parents / Guardians:

I would like to provide you with some important News, Updates and Reminders:


School Closure Continues Through End of School Year

Today Governor Cuomo extended the closure of New York State schools through the end of the school year.  Remote learning will continue during this period of time.

Governor Cuomo also announced that a decision about summer school would be made “by the end of this month.” 


Graduation & Year-End Activities

In his announcement today Governor Cuomo did not address graduation ceremonies, so alternate plans for High School graduation and other year-end activities are underway in the event that in-person graduation ceremonies are not permitted.  We understand how important Graduation is to our seniors and their families and are working to put together ways to recognize and celebrate our seniors and this important milestone in their lives.  We will look to involve seniors in this planning process. 

More information about Graduation and other year-end activities will be provided at a later time.  


Retrieval of Personal Property from School

We understand that many students and staff have left behind personal property in school and would like to make plans for the retrieval of these items.  We will be working with state and local health, safety, and education authorities to determine how and when we can allow students, staff, and families into schools to collect personal property.  




New York State Exams Canceled

  • all Grades 3-8 state assessments in ELA, math, and science
  • all June 2020 Regents Examinations. Students who were scheduled for Regents exams this June will be exempt from having to take those exams for graduation this year, and in the future. 
  • August 2020 Regents Exams.
  • NYS English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) is also canceled. 

With the Regents exams having been canceled for this school year the successful completion of class requirements for the year guarantees automatic Regents credit for these classes. 



Remote Learning Continues

Remote learning for all of our students is ongoing.  Please remember that our Help Desk is open for any students experiencing Chrome Book problems.  If you need technical assistance please use the link on the front page of our website for a link to the Help Desk.

Our teachers and school counselors are here to help all students succeed.  Please do not hesitate to contact our teachers or counselors if your child is in need of additional supports!


Counselors & Administration are Here to Help

Our school counselors and administrators are here to support our students and their families during the many challenges of this uncertain time.  Please do not hesitate to email or call our counselors or administrators if we can be of assistance with academic, social, or emotional issues.  Also, if your family is struggling financially our counselors may be able to help you access support services or other resources in the community. Emails and voice mails are checked daily. 


Thank You to our Health, Medical, and Emergency Workers!

We continue to be deeply grateful for our family members and neighbors who are health, medical, or emergency workers and are undertaking great personal sacrifices to take care of others. Thank you for your sacrifice!


Take care and be well.

Go Hambos!


Denis M. Petrilak

Superintendent of Schools


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