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Chester Academy Locker Clean Out

We have come up with a plan for students to retrieve any items that may have been left behind in their lockers when school closed on March 13th.  Starting next Wednesday, May 13th, we will have a locker pick-up from 9-11 am outside the Chester Academy gym. This will be a curb-side pickup with cars pulling into the teacher parking lot to retrieve their items. Once you enter the teacher parking lot (located on the side of the building past the main entrance) you will pull up to the curb by the gym and stay in your car.  A staff member will ask you for your child’s locker number (please check and confirm this information prior to arriving).  One of our staff members will retrieve your child’s belongings, bring them outside, and place them on a table by the curb.  At that point they will back away 6 feet and you may get out of the car and retrieve your belongings.  Please follow the schedule below when picking up your items.  If you do not show up on the correct day, your child’s items will most likely not be available as not all lockers are being cleaned out at the same time. Please follow the schedule below:


May 13th - HS 3rd Floor locker students

May 20th - HS 2nd Floor locker students

May 27th - MS 3rd Floor locker students

June 3rd - MS 2nd Floor locker students


Any items not picked up will be stored until a later date.  Please do not come to the building to pick up any items if you are not feeling well.  We will also separate any text books that were in the locker from your belongings and keep them here at the school (a drop off for student textbooks at your home will be set up for another time).  If you believe you have items in the athletic locker room, please contact Mr. Aguilar (, the Assistant Principal and Director of Athletics, and he will provide you with further guidance on retrieving those items in the future.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter.




John Flanagan