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 Student Drop Off Video


If you plan to drop off your children at Chester Academy this fall we have made a change in the drop off procedure.  Last year, parents would drop off their children in the rear of the building and students would enter into the rear entrance.  This year, parents will still proceed around the rear of the building, but instead of stopping near the rear entrance, you will proceed around the entire back parking lot and pull up to the curb on the near side of the building (Middle School Side). Once your car has stopped, a staff member will motion for your child to get out of the car (between 7:25 & 7:30).  You child will walk up to the front entrance (door 3) at this time and enter the building.  (See the video below)

All students will be entering the building through the front entrance and having their temperature checked. We are asking all students to please remain socially distant from other students (6 ft.) when entering the building.

When picking up your child at the end of the day please arrive no earlier than 12 PM.  Pickup will remain in the original spot from last year in the rear of the building.  A safety officer will be present to assist you in finding a spot to wait for your child.  

In an effort to keep the traffic flowing, as we expect more students getting dropped off and picked up this year, we are asking families to enter Chester Academy on Hambletonian Avenue coming from the Route 94 side of town and make a right onto campus.  When exiting Chester Academy, we are asking that all cars make a right, heading towards 17M.  By having cars only making a right, traffic should flow much smoother.  We will continue to evaluate this procedure over the first couple of weeks and make adjustments if necessary.


Chester Academy Drop Off and Visitation Policy

Chester Academy Drop Off and Visitation Policy - Spanish