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FREE Breakfast & Lunch at Chester Academy and Chester Elementary School


FREE LUNCH                     

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has agreed to reimburse FSA (Food Service Authorities) for all school lunches, and breakfasts, delivered to students through June 30, 2021. Every student is qualified for free meals.


Please visit the food service staff when you enter each building! They will have your breakfast to be enjoyed at your desk when attendance is taken. At the time of attendance, please tell your homeroom teacher what your lunch preference is.


There will be no charge for breakfast or lunch to any student or parent. Account balances in “My School Bucks”, or paid at the cashier, will be maintained until  September 2021. If a reimbursement of that balance is required please contact the main office.


If you’re learning remote you can still get a yummy, balanced meal. On Monday’s, the District provides meals for remote learners (lunch and breakfast). Five meals for fully-remote learners and three for hybrid.


Please contact your main office for interest in remote meals. “Remote-Learner” meals are available at Chester Academy (rear cafeteria entrance) at 12:30PM on Monday’s (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday). Please See Flyer “REMOTE MEALS”